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1. Candidate Assessment & School Selection

Based on your purpose, leadership potential, work experience, background, and post-MBA goals, we will analyze your candidacy for the schools you are interested in applying to and make recommendations for suitable programs.

2. Strategic Positioning

We will help you formulate an application strategy that will enhance your candidacy based on your background, experience, and accomplishments.

3. Productivity/Time Management

We will work with you to set up a schedule that allows you to allocate enough time to develop quality applications and hold you accountable for meeting deadlines. We are experienced in helping busy executives stay organized and efficient.

4. Story/Essay Development

We will discuss ideas for your essays, and how you can best craft them to tell a compelling and memorable story that highlights your leadership potential and strength.

5. Essay Review

We will ensure that you are clearly and effectively communicating your ability to contribute uniquely to each business school, while demonstrating how you will leverage each school's curriculum to achieve your career objectives. Additionally, we will edit your essays for grammar and usage.

6. Resume Review

We will work with you to concisely describe the results you have achieved in each job, highlighting leadership qualities, and showing progression in responsibilities and impact.

7. Recommendation Guidance

We will help you identify those best suited to write letters of recommendation on your behalf, and prepare them to write those letters in a compelling way.

8. Final Application Review

Prior to your final application submission, we will review your application in its entirety and offer strategic feedback for improvement.

9. Mock Interview

In preparation for the mock interview, we will provide you with a list of the most common MBA interview questions. In our first session, we will review the questions with you and guide you through answers to each of them. In the second session, we will conduct a mock interview and give you comprehensive feedback. Additional mock interview sessions will be scheduled as needed.

10. Wait-list & Decision Support

If you are wait-listed at any school, we will work with you to develop a wait-list strategy and provide recommendations on how best to communicate additional information to the school. Once all of your acceptance letters are received, we will help to determine which MBA program will best suit your needs.

Pre-assessment and planning:  For those who intend to apply to top business schools within the next two to three years, we provide pre-assessment and planning services.  This includes career guidance and advice on how best to position yourself for leadership opportunities at work, as well as in your philanthropic endeavors. We will also assist you in choosing extracurricular activities that align with your interests and move you closer to achieving your career goals.

Career coaching: We specialize in coaching talented professionals through major career transitions.  Our experience includes working with young professionals wanting to secure competitive jobs, advising mid-level executives who are switching careers or seeking promotions, and preparing senior executives for c-suite promotions.