There is tremendous power in knowing what you really want to accomplish in life. The minute you become clear about what your career goal is, you can make it happen.  I had the honor of taking Peter Drucker’s management course years ago and remember how he stressed the importance of organizations knowing their mission, rather than just focusing on profits.  I think the same can be said for individuals and their goals.

I work with my clients not with the objective of helping them get into the top business schools, but with the intent of helping them to identify their career goals and move towards attaining those goals.  If getting an MBA happens to be an essential part of a client’s journey to achieve what he or she wants, then I assist with that.  However, I also have post-MBA clients and clients on non-MBA paths whom I advise on leadership effectiveness, preparation for C-suite promotions, and other career transitions.

Most business school applications ask about short-term and long-term career goals, and reasons for wanting to get an MBA.  I have been conducting alumni interviews for London Business School for the past ten years and it is easy to tell how clear an applicant is about his or her career goals. Many applicants find this question to be challenging, but figuring out the answer can really propel people forward.  Jeff Weinter, CEO of LinkedIn, mentioned in a recent interview that the moment you know what your goal is, you begin to manifest it. You achieve your goal explicitly by knowing it and then pursuing it. You achieve it implicitly by how you talk and think, and by the things you say to others. He believes all of this together will affect the people and opportunities you attract to yourself.  Furthermore, Weinter recommends optimizing both your passions and skills.

Defining your passions and skills is a critical component of the career goals essay.  It is an iterative process that requires personal reflection and additional research on specific jobs and career paths.  I work with clients to develop a plan to research companies, figure out the qualifications needed for their career of interest, develop an industry network, and interview people with the type of career they are interested in post-MBA or in the long term.

I also keep up with the latest publications and research on leadership and management and share relevant reading materials tailored to each of my client’s career interests. I may also suggest additional training, seminars, and other professional development opportunities based on my assessment of each client. As a result of fully exploring and understanding their career goals, my clients become more confident in precisely articulating their future plans in their essays and during admissions interviews.  Most importantly, they become more confident and focused in taking action towards realizing their dreams.

If you are struggling with determining your career goals, please contact us to help you gain clarity and get you started on the road to success.

Good luck!

Christine Lin

Christine Lin is the Principal of Marvel Admissions. To learn more about how she can help you achieve your career goals, contact her at